About Us

While traveling in the foothills of the Himalayas, it is better to travel with some company rather than alone. It is because as much as beautiful the majestic country is, it possesses equal threats as well. So before commencing the journey, make sure you have the right information. With TreknTrip, you will get the right information about the destinations and the right packages for the journey as well. 
There are several packages you can look at TreknTrip and choose from the viable packages. There are several packages for the Everest region, Annapurna region, Ice peak climbing and trip over several places of the country. All the necessary gear information and other requirements will be kept in order with TreknTrip. Also, you will be given information about the best trekking packages in Nepal as well. The trek duration can be either short or could last for weeks as well. It is up to the visitor's interest to choose the trek. 
Along with being the best travel companion, TreknTrip will provide adroit guides who have years of experience guiding visitors to their destinations. Our guides have 10 years of experience are stuffed with information about the places you intend to reach. 
So you can be sure you are having the best packages while trekking via TreknTrip. Adding to the qualified guides and years of experience in the field of trekking, you will have the best time traveling with fellow members of the TreknTrip. 
At TreknTrip, we take small-sized groups on eco-friendly Nepal trekking, climbing, scenic and cultural tours, wilderness expedition, overland adventures and group holidays. Do you wish on going on vacation, not as a tourist but in between the local people exploring local culture? Then TreknTrip is perfect for you.
Here are a few reasons that may assist you clear your doubts about why you should choose TreknTrip on your visit to Nepal.
First-time visitors
TreknTrip assures the visitors with a proper and convenient visit to Nepal. Traveling in Nepal will definitely give you a cultural impact without knowing the relevant language knowledge and culture. 
TreknTrip helps to plan your trips according to your requirements. Years of local business experience will enable them to do this job more clearly and make your hiking trip easier and help you adapt to this special country.
2. Carefree Trekking
Rather than trying to arrange everything yourself, walking through a trekking agency to explore the mountains of Nepal is definitely the most worry-free way because everything will be arranged by the trekking company. 
As a reputable and experienced hiking agency, TrenknTrip will provide you with a local guide with language skills and experience. And a good guide is not only a new friend in a strange country but also a person who provides convenience and guides you safely on the mountain. When your flight is canceled, TreknTrip will also help you arrange internal flights or helicopters in this worrying situation to ensure the smooth advancement of the trip.
3. Better management
When you hire a travel agency in Nepal, you can be assured that the travel agents know every ongoing tidbit in the country. Trekking in Nepal is how much your body can offer and time can be managed accordingly. Time and money are related and optimizing time is optimizing. And who better than the local travel agents to optimize your time and hence your money. 
 If you travel with the TreknTrip, you will know the exact spot for rest and acclimatization and will also know how much you can walk and how much time you have to relish the energy. 
A bridge between how much one can walk and how much rest one needs gives you a perfect itinerary. Traveling with the Nepalese best travel agency, TreknTrip, you will have trekking guides who will manage your time in the best possible ways. 
4. Trekking permits and other arrangements
 Getting a trekking permit is not an easy job here in Nepal. If you choose us then your permits will be ready by the time you reach Nepal... So, one of the time-consuming factors is already taken off the books of trouble when you visit the country. 
To worry less about all these permits and TIMS(Trekker’s Information Management System) , you must travel with TreknTrip as we will make sure all your documents are arranged before you commence your trek.
 5. Rural and restricted area trekking:
 Even when you have plenty of experience in trekking, there are places in Nepal where you are not permitted to enter on your own. And despite trekking in Nepal previously, rural Nepal can catch you by surprise. Rural Nepal lacks proper accommodation facilities. 
Adding to accommodation distresses, the trails to the destinations are not properly made and the directions are not marked either. So, there is a maximum chance you will get lost in the verdant woods of Nepal if you are trekking alone in rural Nepal. 
When you have traveled past the settlements, you will require camping at different places. So you can vividly see how hard it will be for you to travel alone in rural Nepal. And if you have a good travel guide, all these problems should not be endured. 
An experienced guide will know the trails and lead you to your destination. When trekking to the restricted areas, you are allowed in only if you are with a guide or a porter. Traveling with TreknTrip should mitigate this problem as well. Even if you are an experienced trekker, rural areas are bound to give you problems. In cases like such, having a good travel guide can be a boon. 
6. Get valuable insights
Being a country rich in cultural tradition and practices, Nepal has a lot to teach you from ancient history to Hindu mythologies. Although you might travel the well-trodden path in Nepal solo, you may still not know about the many chortens, Gumbas or the Mani walls that more often than not line the trails in the mountains. After all, trekking in Nepal is as much about the culture as it is about the Himalayan beauty.
With TreknTrip, you will be provided with an experienced guide to introduce you to every little known and seldom visited the secrets of many destinations. The local guides know about the local villagers and can provide you with good statistics about the cultural diversity of the ethnic people.
7. Sense of Security
 You can never be sure of the dangers you might encounter in a foreign land unless you are with a friend for the country. A good travel guide can be your best mate in the foreign land. Well aware of the dangers that might fall on the way, having a good travel guide can ward off the dangers before you encounter them.
Trekntrip will help you stay away from hazards. And even when you get tangled in any problems, the travel agents will make sure you get out of the problems easily. This will give you a sense of certainty while trekking in Nepal. Having adroit local guides and good travel agents will help you encounter unprecedented circumstances in the Himalayas.
8. Better Consultation and Bookings
Booking a restaurant to eat at a place to spend the night, airplane tickets, etc. there are many bookings you need to make while trekking in Nepal, and your trekking agency will help you with just that. 
And sometimes, there could be some discount offers which are only exclusive to some trekking agencies, and consulting with one means you could benefit from that. On top of that, you will also find a better veterinary for your trek, the pathway which will help you have a better experience.
 Besides all these, TreknTrip offers varieties of trekking packages you could choose that meet your requirements. With TreknTrip, you will get a lifetime chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, diversified landscapes and warm hospitality of the people. Since we prioritize customer satisfaction and friendly travel environment, we provide a custom-made trekking itinerary for a thrilling adventurous holiday in Nepal.
From the popular treks to the Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions to the remote and restricted valleys of Upper Mustang, TreknTrip has it all. If you are short on time and want to explore the beauty of Nepal, TreknTrip is the best for you. We will be taking care of everything from arranging experience trekking guide, porters, necessary permits and accommodation bookings. 
The team of TreknTrip will make sure to organize everything in advance so that you don’t have to worry about anything. The hassle that we take off you will save your time so that you will be able to see more of Nepal. Plus, we run our business based on the client’s review such that we use the client's suggestions to program the best possible option that is best suited for you.
 Therefore, pack some sense of humor and get ready for an unexpected excursion ride with us. Have a great time visiting Nepal. Namaste!!!