Best adventurous activities in Nepal

Best adventurous activities in Nepal

Often easily overlooked by the aspect of Size, Nepal is known to be the adventure lover’s paradise. Being known for its stunning mountain ranges and trekking trails, Nepal offers numerous adventure activities with its jungle landscape, primitive cities, and holy sites. 

So, whether you are seeking a hardcore hiking or simply want to enjoy adventure sports, Nepal is sure to offer you the best terminus where you can leave your worries behind and look up to what this magical country of Mountains has in store for you.
Nepal surely proves to be one of the best destinations for almost all kinds of outdoor adventure activities. Nepal is a home for adventure whether it is paragliding near the mountains or waiting for a Bengal Tiger in the dense forests of Chitwan. 

Nepal has hundreds of adventurous activities right from the lowland plains of Terai to the Soaring peaks of Himalaya to gratify the adrenaline junk in you.

Here are a few destinations for adventure in Nepal, that would offer some insanely awesome adventure for memories that will last a lifetime.


1.    Bungee jumping

Many adventure lovers have been coming to Nepal to experience this breathtaking thrill of falling steeply off a suspension bridge over a river canyon. Falling from the high altitude on a naturally mesmerizing location between the mountains would make your experience worth remembering for a lifetime. The natural environment invoked in the bungee experience in Nepal makes it different from other countries. 
Nepal has two spots to experience this incredible free fall adventure, the best one being situated at the gorge of Bhotekoshi and the other one in the city of lakes, Pokhara.      If you wish to have this experience, the location is only four hours away from the capital city of the country and just 12 kilometers from the Tibet Border. The jump at the Last resort, Bhotekoshi involved spectacular scenery with dense forest and hills.

The bungee at Pokhara lets you feel the thrill of flight with amazing locations and the extraordinary team that takes the irreplaceable rush of this adventure to a new height. 

 2.    Trekking

Being a mountainous country, Nepal has been attracting trekkers from around the world. Glorious and stunning mountain ranges including Mount Everest make Nepal an ideal place for trekking and mountaineering. Trekking has been one of the leading activities of tourists in Nepal as Nepal welcomes thousands of tourists every year for trekking, mountaineering or hiking purposes.

Many trekking options are available, from one single day to ones that require months to complete. Trekkers can follow the trail at any season, as anyone of the routes is always available for exploring. The cities of the country welcome you along with rich culture and traditional architecture whereas the village areas offer you rich hospitality.

The trekking routes are the mixture of nature, culture, and tradition along with wilderness and it offers a tantalizing view of the snow-covered peaks, glaciers, lakes, and monasteries which are a treat to the eyes. The trek can be either on isolated peaks or on the lush hills. The trails could be either the busiest or most trodden. Whichever route you choose, trekking in Nepal would be by far your best experience in life.

3.    Rafting

Ever thought of what adrenaline rush it would be to try out the splashing and waving and twisting and turning sport of white-water rafting. For every adventure lover, it would be truly amazing to meet the spouting white water. Nepal is blessed with some of the amazing and most spectacular rivers in the world.  

Nepal is known to be the roof of the world, but it also is a river runner’s paradise famous for rafting. The rafting rivers of Nepal descend faster and ensures the presence of thrilling rapids that are perfect for rafting. The combination of beautiful mountain scenery, thrilling white water rapids, warm water, and fascinating cultural opportunities make Nepal one of the premier places to go white water rafting.

The mountains and rivers create a wealth of world-class opportunities for great rafting experience. Nepal offers different types of rivers for easy to challenging white water rafting either for a day or longer rafting adventure trip.

4.    Canyoning

Nepal offers a way to enjoy the wild rushing waterfalls by abseiling down them. An unusual adventure sport, canyoning is about coming down a watery canyon into deep pools of water below. Nepal offers a wide range of canyoning packages of Kathmandu, Kakani, Jalbire, Sundarijal, Lamjung in Nepal from a day to a week canyoning package.

Canyoning trip range from tentative walks to some extreme canyoning. Canyoning can be done in the natural water ponds, majestic waterfalls, rock slides, and jumping rocks. On climbing slippery rocks, there is a range of mind-body coordinating experience that comes with relishing all the greenery and serenity around.

5.    Jungle Safari

If you are passionate about wildlife, Jungle safari is the best adventure for you. Wandering around the jungle exploring the animals might not seem adventurous at first but wait till your experience reach up to the widest point. Chitwan and Bardia offer the best way to relax and enjoy the greenery and tropical climate in Nepal.

The national parks in Nepal offer a wide variety of flora and wildlife, such as the rare great one-horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, bear, leopard, dolphins, crocodiles, birds, tigers, etc. The Chitwan national park is famous for safari, canoeing, birdwatching jungle excursion and many more. Tour on the elephant back allows us to explore the wildlife with an unspoiled and beautiful sanctuary.

The Bardia National park situated in the western terai is one of the largest parks in Nepal which is the home of many endangered animals, reptiles and birds. Over the year, Bardia national park has been a point of attraction to many wildlife lovers. Besides these two national parks, Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve in eastern Nepal offers the best location to view the migratory waterfall, waders, and shorebirds.

6.    Paragliding

Who doesn't dream of flying? Nothing can beat the thrill of being high in the sky, flying like a bird in the warm air enjoying the relishing view of snow-capped mountains, lakes, luxuriant valleys. Paragliding in Nepal gives the opportunity for an aerial view of the Himalayas as you share the airspace with vultures, eagles, kites and float over the land of beauty. 
With low lying valleys and cold mountains, Nepal provides the best paragliding experience leaving many flying hours under your belt. The main area for paragliding in Nepal is the city of lakes, Pokhara. Located at an altitude of 800m, the reliable climate of Pokhara makes it possible to develop a  friendly environment to glide.

 As gliding is a weather dependent sport, the best season is from November to February. At the valley of lakes, Pokhara the take-off point for paragliding in Sarangkot which offers a key view of beautiful  Fewa Lake and Fishtail. Besides Pokhara, there are a few spots in the capital city, Kathmandu for paragliding. 

Chapakharka is one of the beautiful take-off sites in Kathmandu which offers a wide variety of vegetation and birds with a mesmerizing view of green hills. Situated just 13 km from Tribhuvan International Airport, the Chaparkharka is the best flying location free of pollution.

 7.    Everest Skydive

Everest skydive is the adventure that beats all the adventure. The name itself has a hidden thrill to It as it is the most extreme adventure sports. Everest, the roof of the world and skydiving both sound fantastically crazy and here you get to experience the two best words in the adventure worlds at the same time.

­­The Everest skydive is considered to be one of the most Elite Adventures in the world and is labeled as “Things to do before you die” by CNN. The sports are initiated by dropping off from a Helicopter from the height of 29500 ft with the landing site at either Syangboche Airport or Amadablam Base camp. The thrill gets even higher with the view of the Everest region and the breathtaking sight of the mountains and Sherpa settlement.

8.    Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity where you climb up a natural rock or man-made rock with the ultimate goal of reaching the top. Rock climbing is, therefore, a physically and mentally demanding sport, that often tests the strength, endurance and balance of the climber along with his/ her mental control and stability. Proper knowledge of climbing techniques as well as the usage of specialized equipment is crucial for the safe completion of the adventure as it could turn out to be a dangerous sport.

The Nagarjuna forest offers a wide range of routes which is best for beginners, intermediate, and professional climbers. Another spot for natural rock climbing experience in Kathmandu would be the Hattiban rock climbing site located on the way to the Dakshinkali temple. Located in Thamel is the Astrek climbing wall which offers multiple bouldering man-made walls in case if you are not ready to test your skills on the natural cliffs.

The adventure you perform in Nepal could bring you a memorable and enriching experience that you cherish for a lifetime. The feeling of accomplishment during these activities will teach you a life lesson that there can be rough times in life but with a little dedication to compete with those problems you can surely get over it.