Best Thing You Have to Do in Nepal Except Trekking

Best Thing You Have to Do in Nepal Except Trekking

Every one of the visitors who have visited Nepal shares their stay in Nepal as beautiful. Their stay in this beautiful country is accompanied by the hospitality of the people of the country. The warm welcome visitors receive and the lush landscapes have always been the major attraction of the country.


All in all, Nepal is more about trekking. There are places in Nepal which are famous worldwide for their adventurous routes and strenuous trails. The likes of Annapurna Circuit Trek and Everest Climb gathers thousands of tourists every year.


Even with a lot of things to do in Nepal, people think about trekking high in the Himalayas when the talk is about Nepal. But there are various things you have to do in Nepal except trekking.


Here are a few things to do in Nepal except trekking


1.Everest Mountain Flight:

‚ÄčEven though Everest can be trekked, it is not the only option. So if you don’t fancy trekking, Mountain flight is the option you can share. After you have booked an Everest Mountain Flight, you can explore the beauty of lush mountains from very close.

The feeling of having mighty mountains is ecstatic. In the mountain flight, you will stay in the air for almost an hour. A helicopter will show round the Everest Region

Roaring past the highest mountain in the world is bliss and with the crew giving an insight into the mountains you are passing by, you will know what you are looking at whilst enjoying the serenity of the mountains. After soaring past those mountains, you will have a lot to brag about and right to do so as well.


2.Strolling the temples of Kathmandu:

Kathmandu is the city of Temples. So you know what you will miss if you don’t visit the temples in the valley. Kathmandu valley is bustling with the crowd all day long. While everyone skips the day at Kathmandu or at least engage themselves with other stuff, traveling to the temples of Kathmandu should be kept in priority. 

Kathmandu a.k.a city of temples have different temples that are important for different religions. The Pashupatinath is one of the holiest temples for Hindus in the world. The Pashupatinath worships Lord Shiva. The Aarati during the dawn is a must while visiting the temples of Kathmandu.

Another important temple is the Boudhanath which is the largest stupa in the world. This monastery is important from the Buddhist’s point of view as pilgrims from Tibet made this temple very early. This gold and white mammoth stupa is amid the bustling city yet receives a lot of devotees. 

The fluttering prayer flags make the environment religious. Swayambhunath is another important stupa. Also known as the monkey temple, this stupa offers some magnificent view of the city. 


3.Paragliding in Pokhara:

It does not always have to be trekking that gets you adrenaline high. Skies in Pokhara will hit your adrenaline. The skies of Pokhara is considered as one of the best places in the world for tandem paragliding. 

Think about how thrilling it will be! Flying over the lush lake of Pokhara, paragliding will offer the best views of Pokhara city. Not only the city but the snow-capped mountains by your side as well. 

Surrounded by the hills on all the side and lake beneath, this must be a thrilling adventure for a lifetime. 


4.Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park:

 Ever heard of one-horned rhinoceros? Would you fancy looking royal Bengal tiger up close? Care to see rare flora and fauna? If so Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park offers all of these. 

The lush jungles and the grassy plains are just 415 meters above sea level. While going for the jungle safari, there are chances that you might spot rhinos, elephants, birds, gharials, reptiles and the Bengal tiger if you are lucky.

There are places where you can book your safari tickets. There are lodges where you can stay for the night. By night, you can enjoy the Tharu dance as well. There are incredible villas as well with all the facilities and faultless service, there are some hotels that will make you want to stay for a week longer. 


5.Bungee Jump above the Bhotekoshi: 

Staying high in the Himalayas makes you calm but staying 160 meters above the fast-flowing river tied in the robes and ready to take a leap gives you an adrenaline rush for sure. This would be when you get ready for the jump on the edge of the suspension bridge above the Bhotekoshi. 

Located in the tropical gorge above the raging river this is probably one of the highest bungees in the world. So are you brave enough to jump off the clip? Don’t worry, there will be ropes to keep you safe. 



The hospitality of the people is one of the most admired things by visitors. While visitors experience hospitality while vying for the trek, how about experiencing the hospitality by visiting the community. 

There are many villages which offer homestay which is relatively cheaper and offers you a closer look at the local culture. One of the famous homestays is in Ghandruk village. The homestay was rated as one of the 15 homestays you should visit in the world. This village not only offers an insight into the local culture but also the lush view of gleaming mountains. 

The other famous one if the Panauti Community Homestay. Run by a co-operative of local women, this homestay has given independence to local women and has helped them raise their status in society. Another famous one is the Ghale Gaun homestay. Lying on the foothills of the mountain, this homestay also offers the benefit of mountains and the local culture.


7.Religious places outside Kathmandu valley

Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and the preacher of peace was born in Lumbini. This place holds both historical and religious importance. Located in the south-west of Nepal, Lumbini has several monasteries made by different countries. 

A small white temple called the Mayadevi temple contains the archeological remains of Buddha’s palace. Going to the south-east of the country, the Janaki Mandir is an important religious site for Hindus. 

Goddess Sita was born in this holy place and this place sees a lot of devotees every year, especially in Ram Navami. Adding to the list, there are places like Barahkshetra, Budhanilkantha, Halesi Mahadev and many more which carry religious importance. 


8.White-water rafting: 

Nepal is enriched with fast-flowing rivers and white-water rafting is one thing you should not miss if you are an adventure-loving person. The Bhote Koshi river and the Trishuli rivers are the two most famous rivers for white-water rafting. The raging river offers some thrilling adventures.

Fed by the snow-melts and monsoon rains, white-water rafting gets fun in the raging rivers. The challenge lies ahead and conquering your fear sees no better option than by the white-water rafting. 


9.Bike-riding to the Himalayas:

Riding alongside the mountains must be every riders dream. This dream gets real when you commence your journey in a bike towards the Himalayas. Muktinath is one of the popular destinations if you want to go for bike riding. 

The roads can be challenging at times but the view is lush. The winding mountain roads, the pits en route and the spectacular views turn out to be the blend of thrill and bliss. So if you are faint-hearted, driving in this country is not your sport maybe. 


10.Skydiving in the mountains:

This will be the ultimate adrenaline rush when you skydive in front of Mount Everest! A helicopter will take you to a height of 23000 ft and drop from that height. Falling from such height and experiencing the free-fall and when the parachute opens, landing right in front of the world’s highest peak should be actual bliss. 

The drop zone is one of the highest in the world at an altitude of 15000 ft in Amadablam Base Camp. This is a pretty expensive sport as this can cost up to $25000 USD. Another alternative to this expensive skydiving can be at Pokhara. 

This will cost you almost $800 USD but this offers some spectacular view of lush mountains as well. This once in a life-time experience is worth every penny even when pricey. 


11.Mountain yoga: 

When you want to escape the chaos happening, mountains are the best escape route. In Nepal, you can go for mountain yoga where you will be surrounded by mountains on all sides. 

Staying amid the mountains, yoga, and meditation will become more fruitful. There are various yoga retreats in Nepal where you can learn meditational yogas and spirituality and practice them.     


12. Ayurveda discovery:

Ayurveda is the oldest science of treatment. Here in Nepal, you can book an excursion to meet traditional Ayurvedic healers and learn about the ayurvedic medications. The Ayurvedic massage is a holistic massage treatment using essential oils and relaxation music which you can practice in Nepal

There are several other things you can do here in Nepal except for trekking. One thing that you can do except for trekking is exploring this mythical country. So next time you’re here in Nepal, be sure you explore this country as much as possible.