Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

Have you ever dreamed of floating down warm water rivers and camping on sparkling white river beaches? If yes, then Rafting in Nepal is an adventure for you. A chance to get far away from appealing cities to the thrilling rapids of the fast-flowing river is what rafting expeditions offer. 
With the image of crashing through dreadful rapids and gigantic waves, from high flows (during the monsoon) to the raging flow of water, rafting in Nepal is by far a superb experience. The best thing about rafting in Nepal is that it offers an ideal scenario for everyone as there are many class 3 and class 4 rivers with moderate difficulties. 
If you want to explore nature along with the thrill of rafting, there are many rivers in the Nepal of class 2 offering a very small rapid. The blend of beautiful natural scenery with the thrill of running rapids is definitely the cherry on the top for those who enjoy it!.
 Without further ado, we present to you the best rafting tours in Nepal worth trying.
Upper Seti river rafting tour
Duration: Class III and IV
Distance 7kms
Best Season: September to June
Difficulty: Intermediate
Taking you through continuous rapids adventure for more than forty minutes, the Upper Seti rafting lets you enjoy a quick adrenaline rush. This short and sweet rafting adventure filled with nonstop exotic cascades with class III+ and IV rapids. Something that makes this rafting excursion so special is the fact that it presents the same number of rapids as the kali Gandaki rafting in just 40 minutes.
Upper Seti river rafting is by far the ultimate half-day trip in Nepal offering a fantastic backdrop of Annapurna massif with crystal clear Himalayan whitewater and a beautiful gorge.
Sunkoshi river rafting tour
Duration: Class III and IV
Distance: 270 km
Best Season: September to November, May to June
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Draining off the Eastern Himalayas, the Sunkoshi river trip starts near the Tibetan border and is the longest trip offered in Nepal. Flowing all the way to the sacred Ganga River in India, this river offers a huge volume of white water and is rated as one of the top ten river expeditions in the world.

Flowing down from snow-capped mountains, the big waves of warm water and the beautiful scenery makes this rafting excursion one of the best. This expedition is not just about rafting, as it comprises of exotic beaches and local villages at the stunning scenery all around you. 
With its name being “The river of gold” leaves a golden impression with it’s relaxing canyons and refreshing waterfall that would remain in your memory forever and ever. 
Marshyangdi river rafting tour
Duration: Class IV and V
Distance: 27kms
Best Season: September to November, May to June
 Difficulty: Intermediate
Sharing some of the most exciting rapids in the world, the Marshyangdi river drains off the Northern slopes of the Annapurna Massif. Offering some of the beautiful views of the mountains and the Himalayas, this raging river is steep and technically difficult. Bringing you closer to the stunning fierce waters, the Marsyangdi river is a bold encounter with the wild.

Combining a bold way to plunge deep into fast-flowing water with the breath-taking mountain scenery, the technicalities involved in this expedition would be one of the greatest adventures for adventure junkies. 

As it offers intense and challenging white water rapids there is no denying that it is one of the popular trips in Nepal. 
Kali Gandaki river rafting tour
Duration: Class IV and V
Distance: 90 km
Best Season: September to November, April to June
 Difficulty: Suitable for everyone.
 The Kali Gandaki river is considered to be one of the holy rivers in Nepal as it is named after the “Goddess of Destruction”, Kali. As a mildly popular river trip, the Kali Gandaki river rafting combines exhilarating white water with fine scenery. 
This rafting trip suits the best to rafters searching for more than just a day trip but less than challenging happenstances. Getting closer to the gorges of the Kali Gandaki river, the journey has a little something in store for nature admirers. Combining the challenging rapids with sandy beaches and remote villages, the chance to explore the wildlife and majestic waterfalls makes the trip even more exciting.
Tamur river rafting tour

Duration: Class IV and class V
Distance 120kms
Best Season: October to November and April to May
Difficulty: Advanced
Being known to the world as the country of mountains, no expedition of Nepal would be complete without a taste of trek to the Famous Himalayan range. It would not be surprising to say that a river rafting excursion in Nepal would start with a scenic trek. Yes, The famous Tamur river rafting tour is an epic combination of trekking and rafting.
 Probably the best multi-adventure trip, the Tamur river rafting is perfected for professionals looking for Uncompromising action. The classic journey to the river of Eastern Nepal inaugurates with a four-day trek through beautiful woods with a majestic Himalayan backdrop of Mt. Everest, Kanchanjunga and Makalu. 
This amazing adventure kicks off with some non-stop class IV and V rapids by the beautiful Gufal Pokhari Lake. The rest of the adventure includes exciting combinations of white water, remote villages, and dazzling beaches.

Lower Seti Rafting tour
Duration: Class II and Class III
Distance 32kms
Best Season: September to November, May to June
Difficulty: Beginners
Great for newbies and families looking for calmer rafting trips combined with beautiful scenery, Seti river is one of the best short period rafting tours in Nepal. Known as one of the warmest rivers in the country, the Seti river travels through diverse villages and gives you a way to explore stunning remote beaches.
 Taking its way through easy rapids and beautiful forests, the river presents you with a glimpse into rich and varied wildlife. Combining a great rafting excursion with wildlife, the Seti river rafting tour stands greatly exciting for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.
Bhote Koshi River rafting tour
Duration: Class III and class IV
Distance 22kms
Best Season: September to November and April to May
Difficulty: Suitable for all skill level
A very popular rafting excursion, Bhotekoshi originates from glacial waters in the Shisa Pangama, Tibet from where it flows down steeply to Nepal in the south. Located just at a 3-hour drive from the capital city; Kathmandu, the Bhote Koshi river rafting tour offers an adrenaline rush like no rivers in Nepal.
Despite its heart-throbbing wildest experiences, it doesn’t demand a lot of your time. Since the river offers, classes III and V rapids it is suitable for both newbies and experts. Combining fun with stimulating challenges, the rivers takes us through beautiful fields, lush terraced farms and remote villages on the journey.
Trishuli river rafting tour
Duration: Class III 
Distance 60ms
Best Season: Round the Year
Difficulty: Beginners
Carved with beautifully impressive gorges in it’s lower parts, the Trishuli river rafting adventure may be the best bet for enjoying one of the best rafting experiences while short on time. The river is a lot of excitement and incredibly safe, offering all kinds of adventures such as cliff jumps and swimming. It also ensembles people of all ages and skill levels and easily ranks among the most popular rafting adventures in the country.
Since the river flows along the highway, you can easily come back to Kathmandu at the end of the Trishuli river rafting. Rather we would suggest you continue taking your journey towards Chitwan or Pokhara to add an additional magical touch to your rafting in Nepal experience.
Karnali river rafting tour
Duration: Class IV and Class V
Distance 180kms
Best Season: October-November and April to June
Difficulty: Advanced
The Karnali river crafts it’s a way through Tibetan Plateau into Nepal’s beautiful western forest. The rafting tour on the longest river in Nepal is no doubt a challenging journey with stimulating rapids and beautiful landscape sceneries. The high flowing river rapids demand some quick paddling.
Not only the river stands a gem for its white water but since the course traverse through the cultural village, it is also a true remote expedition. Filled with beautiful jungles, this excursion allows paddlers with a good chance of observing varieties of flora and fauna. 
Since the take out is right by the Bardiya National park, maybe you could extend your stay and try visiting the National park as well?

Rafting is the ultimate way of exploring remote regions of Nepal, traveling through deep gorges and riding over daring rapids. The warm water, white sandy beaches, gorgeous mountain scenery and the rich cultural heritage of the country all add up to a unique experience. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you go on a thrilling roller coaster ride on the swirling waters of Nepal’s many fabulous rivers.
The varying altitude, astounding topographical variations and the mighty Himalayas of Nepal have subsidized in making these rivers lovely and fast flowing for a rafting adventure. Hence, Nepal has become ever so popular in the last few decades for the most exciting and rewarding whitewater rafting that any rafter could ever experience.