Why Everest Base Camp Trek?

Why Everest Base Camp Trek?


Everest Base Camp Trek is in everyone’s bucket list of things to do in life. No wonder it is the most prominent and most searched trekking trail. The chance to be at the foothill of world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest is definitely legendary. It is about creating the intrepid tale of travel journeys.

Every year there are thousands of trekkers on the Everest Base Camp Trek route. So, why such fuss and craving about it? Maybe the chance to witness the fabled mountaineers the Sherpa community or the ideal feat of reaching an abode of Mt. Everest has been attracting lots of people.

Whichever is the reason the Everest Base Camp Trek is an exemplary portrayal of Nepal? Adventure, culture and Himalayan vibes all amalgamate to form an astounding walking journey.

Wishing to do and doing is completely different commodity. Do you really want to do Everest Base Camp Trek? If yes, find out the 10 reasons on why you must do Everest Base Camp Trek

1.Everest Base Camp

To leave footprints adjacent to where legendary climbers Sir Edmund and Tenzing Norgay once stepped is never ordinary. Base Camp can be reached after days of walking through moraines and glaciers along the cascading mountain vistas. It generates a sense of completeness.

You might have tired muscles but morale reaches soaring high. Stand and relive the best moments. Being at the foothill of Everest makes you feel taller than anyone. The tale of extraordinary intrepidity and Himalayan wilderness is created. It is undoubtedly the tale which you can proudly share for generations to come.  

2.Temperate Coniferous to Alpine Tundra Vegetation

Nepal is pretty unique. One can find the different styles of vegetation every 10 minutes of flight. Everest Base Camp Trek route runs through coniferous to alpine forests belts. Trekkers start their journey from the temperate forests belt to Sub – Alpine and finally the Tundra vegetation.

In terms of vegetation the route has lower forested zone, alpine scrubs, tundra and no vegetation zone. In lower area of the trail juniper, firs, bamboo, rhododendron, pines and birch trees are found. More higher we trek the vegetations become dwarfed. Thorny bushes are all over the region. In Tundra section the vegetation is limited to lichens and mosses.  

During the Spring Season the section of Namche Bazaar to Tengboche looks spectacular. It is absolutely resemblance to that of beautiful canvas. Green lush forests with blooming flowers and gigantic mountain on the backdrop is purely blissful.

3.Sagarmatha National Park – World’s Highest Situated National Park

The park is high altitude animal and vegetation sanctuary. Among several natural and cultural attractions of Nepal listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES this is the epitome of wilderness adventure. The park ranges from 2845 m to 8848 m altitude.

It is home of various endangered species of animals and Himalayan vegetation. It is a habitat of more than 118 species of animals and birds. Himalayan Monal, Chough, Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Black Bear, Red Panda, Langur, Martens, Wolves, Thars, Pheasant etc. are usual members of the park. However, while trekking you might not encounter all these. Himalayan Thar can be usual sightings.   

It is probably the most enticing park walking. It is not like the regular morning walking park stroll. It is beyond. Nature’s allures and mountain thrill is only possible at Sagarmatha National Park.

4.Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla – World’s Most Extreme Airport

The gateway of contemporary Everest Trekking is Lukla Airport. The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is enticing. It can be the most interesting flight that you will ever take. The plane flies in the narrow valley and you will not see the runway until you approach for the landing. The weather is very unpredictable. It can be ride of your life.

The airport has been the major cornerstone of Everest Trekking. Sir Edmund Hillary initiated the construction of the airport. It shortened the number of the trekking days. Earlier people used to walk from Jiri but by the operation airport the trekking has shortened.

5.Sherpa Community


Sherpa people are known for mountaineering exploits. These people have redefined the mountaineering. Nowadays lots of the people who work in the mountaineering field wants to become the Sherpa. It has become the title. However, the Sherpa is associated with the special Himalayan ethnic people of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek route has numerous Sherpa Villages. Khumjung, Khunde, Thame, Namche, Phortse, etc. are the major villages of the area. You will be able to witness the daily chores of Sherpa lifestyle. The famous mountaineers’ actual daily routine will definitely give you chance to understand their hardship and upbringing.

There is misunderstanding about Sherpa. They are considered as the Super Human in Mountaineering field. Mountaineering is expensive activity. Therefore, people assume Sherpa to be the richer people. However, the case is different. There are countless tales of their sacrifice and hardship in life. You can observe and listen to those stories.

6.Namche Bazaar

Namche is probably the highest altitude marketplace of the world. This is interesting town for the trekkers. At such high altitude finding Starbucks is definitely surprising. Eateries, Bars, Shops and Banks make this the vibrant town. The sound of western music and the gulp of beer are definitely unique at the height of 3400 m.

The town is the major marketplace of Khumbu. Almost everything is available in the place. The scenic beauty is equally mesmerizing. The picture taken from the top of the hill is strikingly beautiful with mountains like Thamserku or Kwangde Ri on the background.

Namceh Bazaar is definitely the must visit town of the Himalayan nation Nepal. It helps trekkers to find the clamor of the city even in the rugged Himalayan terrain. This can be refreshing especially when you return from the Everest base camp.

The beauty of this remarkable town can’t be described in mere words. You will be glued to this place. The clustered community and plethora of teahouses make it the most happening place on the trail. The place is iconic as well as important. This is the place for the perfect acclimatization before heading to further higher.

Get acclimatized and get astonished. Namche definitely becomes your favorite destination.

7.More than 3 Dozens of Mountain Vistas

Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is the best trekking route for the prolific and panoramic vistas of mountains. Trekkers get chance to see more than 3 dozens of mountains. Especially trekkers can see 4 eight thousands meter high mountains as well. Mt. Choyou, Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Makalu are the eight thousands meter high mountains which can be seen from the trail. In fact, trekkers can stand at the shadow of Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Everest.

There are numerous mountains which can be viewed from very close as near as their base camp. Amadablam, Lobuche, Cholatse, Tabuche, Kusum Kangaru, Kwangde, Thamserku, Nuptse, Lhotse, Everet, Pumori, Choyou etc. are notable mountains which one can see.

It is purely the Himalayan wilderness voyage. Moreover, in every day of the trekking the sight of mountains is always there. It is something to cheer about for the people across the globe. You will realize why Nepal is considered as the Himalayan nation.

8.Moraines, Glaciers, Suspension Bridges & Water Resources

During Everest Base Camp Trek trekkers can experience unique landscape and natural resources. In some section of the trekking, trekkers have to walk through moraines and glaciers. This is completely outrageous. You will be able to see the icy lakes and glacial rivers.

The cascading mountains and the falling avalanches seen from the trail are definitely overwhelming. One can capture the best images. Famous rivers originated from the mountains like Dudhkoshi, Imja and Bhotekoshi can be encountered.

There are about 7 suspension bridges in the Everest Base Camp Trek route. These bridges are the specialty of Nepal. While crossing the river in suspension bridges you will accumulate the unique feeling of fear as well as excitement. The most iconic is the Larpchen Bridge located at the foothill of Namche.

The bridge is featured in the famous Hollywood movie the Everest. Therefore, these things are also the reasons that you must do Everest Base Camp Trekking once in a life.

9.Monastery, Chortens & Memorials

Everest Base Camp Trek has numerous Chortens, Memorials and monasteries. Among many monasteries Tengboche Monastery is the most famous and sacred. The spiritual place located amidst the tranquil environment having lofty mountains on background is really gratifying.

Memorials and the chortens as well as the prayer flags along the trail give you the aesthetic feeling. Therefore, Everest Base Camp Trek is not only about the mountain wilderness. It is also the cultural and spiritual excursion. It really makes your mind and soul complete as well as inspires you for the better life.

10.Everest Base Camp Trek – Mother of all Trekking

There are numerous trekking routes to walk in Nepal. Among them Everest Base Camp Trek is an epitome and best. The trail provides every aspect of trekking. The adventure, challenge, thin air, mountains, vegetation, wildlife, community and many more things are there to experience.

Once you have completed the trekking you will undoubtedly feel victorious. It is definitely a matter of pride to reach the world’s tallest mountain’s abode. Moreover, leaving your footprints on its base camp is definitely worthwhile.

These are the 10 reasons for you to do trekking in Everest Base Camp. There are other numerous things which are really needed to be seen and felt first hand.

Plan today and embark on the legendary journey of Everest Base Camp Trek. You will not regret a bit after doing Everest trekking.

Book it now and trek as early as possible. Don’t miss out to create the intrepid story in your life. Everest Base Camp Trekking will inspire you.