Why should you hire a trekking agency in Nepal?

Why should you hire a trekking agency in Nepal?

Bestowed the blessings of mother nature, Nepal is enriched with a wide range of activities to engage yourself in this country. But trekking comes foremost to every other activity done here in this beautiful country. 

Starting from hills to the mighty Everest, there are many fascinating places you can trek to in this country. But before plunging into trekking in Nepal, you must prepare yourself to enjoy the plethora of beauty in this country.

One thing you should be aware of is while choosing trekking agencies. You can always choose to go solo and enjoy the trek. However, there are places where it is recommended not to travel alone or bring at least a guide with you. Exploring the wilderness of this country can be costly at times while vying for solo treks. 

So whenever you feel the essence of a travel agency while trekking, it is better to choose the agency from Nepal rather than international agencies. This will help you select wonderful treks and apt itineraries optimizing your cost and adding fun to your adventure. Here are some reasons why you should trekking agency in Nepal.

1.Help during the first time of your trek: 

Being a novice trekker, it is hard for you to trek on the strenuous trails of the mountains. And even more so when you are a first-timer traveling Nepal. This leaves you with no or only limited knowledge from the books about Nepal. During this time, the tour operators and the guides will be of great help to bolster your knowledge about this beautiful country. 

Nepal has many superstitions supported by some mystical facts from the past. So it can get inappropriate to do something in Nepal which means no big deal in your country. Choosing a travel agency in Nepal will give you knowledge about the dos and don’ts in this country if you are a first-timer. Without knowing the culture of this beautiful country, you might run yourself into some trouble and language difficulty is another major concern while trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

People living high up in the Himalayas have no idea of any other language except their native tongue so it is going to be hard to communicate without travel agents. These are the problems you might encounter during the first visit of Nepal which can be solved by hiring a Nepalese travel agency.

Adding to ease these problems, the travel agent will help you pick your destination and optimize your itinerary as well depending upon your preference. This is large because travel agents are well aware of how things pan out in this country.

It will be a lot easier for one to blend in this strangely beautiful country if you have a travel guide throwing a plethora of information on every stop during the trek. 

2.Better time management: 

When you hire a travel agency in Nepal, you can be assured that the travel agents know every ongoing tidbit in the country. Trekking in Nepal is how much your body can offer and time can be managed accordingly. Time and money are related and optimizing time are optimizing. And who better than the local travel agents to optimize your time and hence your money. 

While you travel with the travel agency from Nepal, they will know the exact spot for rest and acclimatization and will also know how much you can walk and how much time you have to relish the energy. 

A bridge between how much one can walk and how much rest one needs gives you a perfect itinerary. Traveling with the Nepalese travel agency, you will have trekking guides who will manage your time in the best possible ways. 

3.Hassle-free trekking: 

One of the biggest perks of trekking with travel agency from Nepal is the hassle-free trekking you will enjoy. This is because the travel agents are well known to the routes and can make necessary tweaks in your itinerary.

Traveling with the trekking agency for sure saves time. Trekking is escaping to find peace of mind and when in hassle, it is hard to find peace of mind. So hassle-free trekking is indeed key to peace of mind. You will be provided a support team of the local guide who is fluent in English and a porter as well.

This will leave you with nothing to carry on your back. The guide provided is amiable who will add fun to your already interesting trek. Being able to communicate in the local tongue will ease logistics as well. They know mountains very well, so you are safe with them in the Himalayas. Easing the woes of internal flights is one of many benefits while traveling with the local travel agencies. 

4.Ease trekking permits and other arrangements:

Getting trekking permits can be a tiresome job here in Nepal. If you book via a local travel agency, your permits will be ready by the time you are here in Nepal. So one of the time-consuming factors is already taken off the books of trouble when you visit the country. 

To worry less about all these permits and TIMS, you must travel with local trekking agencies. Traveling with trekking agencies from Nepal will make sure all your documents are arranged before you commence your trek.

5.Secure trek:

You can never be sure of dangers you might encounter in a foreign land unless you are with a friend for the country. A good travel guide can be your best mate in the foreign land. Well aware of the dangers that might fall on the way, having a good travel guide can ward off the dangers before you encounter them.

This will help you stay away from hazards. And even when you get tangled in any problems, the travel agents will make sure you get out of the problems easily. This will give you a sense of certainty while trekking in Nepal. Having adroit local guides and good travel agents will help you encounter unprecedented circumstances in the Himalayas.

6.Valuable information about the country and trails:

While the trails look normal, they are loaded with myths that are as fascinating as the mountains those trails lead to. You will come across prayer flags, mani walls, and stone ladders while trekking to the Himalayas. 

When most of the trekkers pass by them saying these are normal in this country, only a few get to know about the reason behind the colorful prayer flags, those walls, and ladders. Traveling with a good guide, you will know the secrets behind these flags and walls. Not only the flags and walls but other secrets of the areas are disclosed to you when you are trekking with an experienced travel guide. 

You will feel enlightened after knowing the secrets in this mystic land. There are several superstitions in the different destinations and some myths supporting those superstitions that will make you believe them. Local guides will know local villagers and that way you will know more about the myths of the village while being invited for tea in their homes. 

While trekking in the Himalayas, you will have insight into the trails you are traveling and your likely destination for the day. That way you can prepare yourself for the night. Likewise, you will get a plethora of knowledge about the mountains, reasons behind their names, their religious attachments and myths about the mountains.

7.Rural and restricted area trekking:

Even when you have plenty of experience in trekking, there are places in Nepal where you are not permitted to enter on your own. And despite trekking in Nepal previously, rural Nepal can catch you by surprise. Rural Nepal lacks proper accommodation facilities. 

Adding to accommodation woes, the trails to the destinations are not properly made and the directions are not marked either. So there is a maximum chance you will get lost in the verdant woods of Nepal if you are trekking alone in rural Nepal. 

When you have traveled past the settlements, you will require camping at different places. So you can vividly see how hard it will be for you to travel alone in rural Nepal. And if you have a good travel guide, all these problems should not be endured. 

An experienced guide will know the trails and lead you to your destination. When trekking to the restricted areas, you are allowed in only if you are with a guide or a porter. Traveling with the trekking agency of Nepal should mitigate this problem as well. Even if you are an experienced trekker, rural areas are bound to give you problems. In cases like such, having a good travel guide can be a boon.


Hiring a travel agency will add to your cost for sure but it is cheaper to hire local travel agencies than international travel agencies. Despite increasing your travel cost, hiring a travel agency ensures you enjoy a hassle-free and safe trek while gathering all the necessary pieces of information about several places.