Frequently Asked Questions

If the trip gets canceled, you will be fully refunded but if you cannot make it, you will receive a refund but how much you will get back depends on how many days before the trip you inform about your cancellation. For complete details, please refer to our Cancellation Policy
If you occasionally participate in physical activities such as running, exercising, hiking, or any other organized sports, you are probably fit enough to hike to the Langtang Valley. Then again, you will have a ton of fun if you prepare yourself for the hike in advance.
It depends greatly on your comfort level and enjoyment on the trail. But, worry not, as you will be given a packing list before your trip to exclude extra weight.
For this trip, you will need the winter clothes but don’t bring any heavy jackets or boots. Also, refrain from using cotton materials as they tend to soak up water pretty quickly. Here’s a great example of what you should pack, either clothing or equipment, during the Langtang Region trekking.
You will need a TIMS card and a Langtang National Park Entry Permit to get to your destination. But, worry not as our guides will take care of all those technical stuffs.
Participants must be at least 12 years old at the least and at the max, well, there is no such thing as maximum age for participation. But, you should be able to carry your own backpack and walk over strenuous paths.
Most of the times you won’t have to worry about that as we will take a day or two off to acclimatize with the climate. If ever, you get signs of Altitude Sickness we’ll use Diamox. If the symptoms persist, you will be taken back to the lower regions.
Tips are a standard practice all around the globe, but there is no such thing as a fixed amount for tips.
No! Internet access is a bed of roses around this area. There’s slow internet in and around Syabrubesi and Lama Hotel, however, using the internet here seems pretty unlikely.
No! There are no ATMs en route to our destination. You’ll have to draw enough cash while on either Dhunche or Kathmandu.

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