Kathmandu Valley is one of the busiest cities in Asia. As it is the capital of Nepal, most of the administrative works are carried out here. However, even with all of these crowd in the valley, it holds its special cultural and historical importance to the beauty of Nepal. With this, the capital city offers its visitors a great deal of exploration and excitement for those adventure seekers.  

Even though the city has such features, the crowd and pollution can be monotonous and bore you to death. Sometimes you feel like fleeing to a nice getaway every now and then. For such wishes, we offer you the Chisapani Nagarkot Hike.   

The Chisapani Nagarkot Hike is an average length trekking itinerary offering you the best views of the Kathmandu Valley. Not too far from the capital city, one can complete this trek in just a couple of days or can also add some other destinations to your list.  

Get away from the city hub and begin our trekking with a drive to Sundarijal; located in the northeast of the Kathmandu Valley. Then, we will walk uphill along the trail until we get to Chisapani which is at about 2400 meters. Since the village is situated at a high height, it offers a great panoramic view of the snow mountains. From here, we will continue to Nagarkot, which is 20kms east of Kathmandu. This village is also famous for its breathtaking sunrise views over the royal snow peaks. Nagarkot is considered as the best vantage point near the Kathmandu Valley.  

Below is a detailed itinerary for this trek, which will be at least 2 days long, mostly 3 days. But, this can be changed according to your liking.   


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